Let's imagine this material installed as kitchen countertop. These are some examples:


Name:  Bianco Romano
Type:   granite
Color:   white
Country:  Brazil
Size:  129" x 76"
Thickness: 1 1/4 <or> 3 cm
Finish: Polished

What if to install this material in the bathroom? 


Bianco Romano is mostly shades of white, gray with small darker flecks of browns and blacks granite quarried in Brazil. The exquisite designs throughout the stone created by quartz and burgundy garnet deposits make it a perfect pairing for any kitchen, bathroom or fireplace setting. If you are looking for a gorgeous neutral colored material to complete your home remodeling project, Bianco Romano granite is one of the best options that you will have. Because this stone features neutral coloring, it will fit in well with any d├ęcor. In addition to its high-quality appearance, Bianco Romano granite is also a very durable material. This granite is recommended for interior and exterior usage in freezing climates and is a good solution for landscaping, flooring, countertops and wall cladding applications.