Black Galaxy granite from India is a very consistent solid black stone with scattered, copper-colored flakes. The material can have a dark black background, a greenish/black shading, or have some white in the background. The beautiful and distinguishing factor of black galaxy granite is the metallic flecks, caused by the presence of broncite, and can come in a few varying grades. The deep black of the stone highlighted with naturally occurring gold colored flecks work well with a number of design motifs and can be a strong visual statement in any room.  Galaxy granite is most commonly used in flooring, staircases, and countertops. The durability and beauty of the material are traits that usually put it in an area that is highly trafficked and will be seen by many.ype your paragraph here.

Name: Black Galaxy
Type:   granite
Color:  black
Country:  India
Size: 124"  x 78"
Thickness: 1 1/4" <or> 3 cm
Finish:  Polished

This is how this fabulous material looks when installed as kitchen countertop.


This is how elegant it looks with a waterfall.

This is how this material looks with a bathroom countertop