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This is how this marble looks when installed as kitchen countertops, backsplash  and a waterfall

This is how it looks with bathroom countertop


Brancho Shadow quartzite imported from India features a beautiful, flowing pattern of various shades of gray that looks almost clear. that looks like the glossed over surface of an ice-skating rink. The fresh layer of water acting like a glaze that freezes in a fine, clear coating. The thin white lines that crisscross through the slab in opposing diagonals look as though they were created by the blades of an ice skater. It’s a powerful image. One that is pure, and simple, calming even. This is a type of stone that will look good on any white, grey, or black base. It’s hard to go wrong with such a beautiful stone.

​Name:  Brancho Shadow
Type: quartzite
Color:  gray
Country:  India
Size: 123" x 77"
Thickness: 1 1/4" <or> 3 cm
Finish: Polished