This is how this material looks with a waterfall


Fantasy Brown marble features veins of white, brown and grey with black spots throughout the pattern, a stunning flowing pattern of pewter, apricot and chestnut tones. The diagonal movement in this marble, the brown veining, plus the off-setting cream and white tones give this material a dramatic look. It is the perfect design addition for kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. It is truly a beautiful and unique natural stone.  This beautiful Indian stone is much harder than the typical white marble that are often used in kitchens. You can Fantasy Brown Granite or marble as a Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Countertop, Vanity top, Flooring and wall cladding. The color and pattern of this material make it for multipurpose uses.

‚ÄčName:  Fantasy Brown
Type:   marble
Color:  beige
Country:  India
Size: 116" x 80"
Thickness: 1 1/4" <or> 3 cm
Finish: Polished

Take a look at this astonishing material installed as kitchen countertops and with a backsplash..