Mystery White marble form Namibia is a solid white elegant polished slab marble. The white marble gives off a clean and pure look with its white background and cream-colored veining throughout. This marble looks soft and is ideal for those who love the appearance of marble but prefer a lighter contrast in their marble veining. This beautiful natural stone can be used to create stunning marble countertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, marble tile floors, and backsplashes throughout commercial and residential properties where a subtle elegance is desired.

‚ÄčName:  Mystery White
Type:   marble
Color:  white
Country:  Namibia
Thickness: 1 1/4" <or> 3 cm
Finish: Polished


This is how it looks with floor tiles

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Let's see some examples of how  this amazing material looks when installed as kitchen countertops, backsplash and a waterfall