This is how this beautiful marble looks when it is installed as kitchen countertop, backsplash and with a waterfall.

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Staturio is a famous and exclusive white marble from Italy with great demand. It is characterized by its uniform white background and irregular darker heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns. Staturio marble contains the same white and grey hues found in Carrara, with grey veining similar to that which you’ll find in Calacatta slabs. This marble is a very bright white in color, and it is relatively rare. There are numerous variations of this marble. The Staturio is mostly used on interior applications such flooring, coverings, countertops and diverse decoration.

Name:  Saturio
Type:  marble
Color:  white
Country: Italy
Size: 119" x 75"
Thickness: 1 ¼” <or> 3 cm
Finish: Polished